Top Belly Busting Foods

1.  Black beans.  Filled with protein and fiber these are going to fill you up longer.

2.  Pears.  Low in calories and filled with two antioxidants that have been proven to stop belly fat.

3.  Popcorn.  Because it’s a whole grain it’s a good thing, just skip the butter and salt.  People who eat lots of whole grains have smaller middles.

4.  Peanuts.  What?  Yep!  High in calories but they are packed with the healthy fats thus burning quicker then the less-healthy fats.

5.  Sunflower Seeds.  High in the healthy monounsaturated fat that helps lessen the widening of the waist.

6.  Tea.  White tea helps our fat cells absorb 70% less fat.  They can also trigger the breakdown of fat in existing cells.

7.  Apple Cider Vinegar.  Start adding that to your salad dressing because it has a compound called acetic acid, which supercharges the body’s ability to burn fat and hinders fat storage at the same time. 

8.  Safflower Oil.  We’ve heard a lot of omgea-3 fats being good but this has omega-6 fatty acid in it that may speed up your metabolism. 

9.  Work out!  Yes, we know it’s not a food but it’s the key to feeling better and getting faster results.  Click here to join our workouts...