LivingFit Chicago believes...

  • Living a fit life means taking care of the body you have been given with fitness and nutrition, and also an occasional glass of wine or favorite dessert.
  • Being strong is better than being skinny.
  • Fitness is a lifestyle.
  • Hard work always pays off.
  • You are able to achieve your goals -- whether it is to lose weight, gain energy, fit into your favorite jeans, feel comfortable in your skin, or become stronger.
  • Fitness should be fun.
  • You should live your best life.
  • You are always worth it.
  • It never gets easier, you just get better and stronger.
  • If it is important to you, you will find a way; if it is not, you will find an excuse.
  • Our coaches inspire, encourage, support and never give up on you.

Now, get busy living. Join LivingFit Chicago today.

Jen Ottoson

Jen Ottoson is addicted to sweat, racing heartrates and the ache of muscle fatigue. Decades of personal fitness fanaticism finally convinced amateur athlete and mother of two, Jen Ottoson, to make it official and get her certification. She truly embraces the fitness tri-fecta: an endorphin high, an increased metabolic rate (allowing her to enjoy good food and wine) and stress management. Jen's addiction to hard core fitness really started 5 years ago when she discovered interval training. Once armed with a heart rate monitor, Jen realized she could maximize her limited time with extra efficient workouts. It was the missing puzzle piece. Now, her mantras are,"If it’s not hard, it doesn’t count." and "Next time do it again. Plus a little more."

Jen started her career over 20 years ago in the fast paced, competitive world of sales. Efficient workouts and eating for energy were key to her success. Then as a small business entrepreneur, Jen started her own personal wardrobe consulting business, Truly Styled, over 4 years ago -- helping women literally wear their inner beauty on the outside. As a mother of young children, Jen knows personally the challenges of schedule juggling and the corners that get cut. Personal training and meal consulting were the natural next step for Jen. Helping others balance life, commitments, busy schedules and a lack of cooking or nutrition-know-how, Jen helps simplify success to some simple formulas all based on four key principles: Exercise. Eat. Enjoy. Repeat.

Jeana Anderson

Jason Bender

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Raven Gengler

Alex Barone

Alex has been an athlete all her life and  the transition into the work force has helped her realize firsthand how intensely exercise affects the human body physiologically, physically, and emotionally. She wants to give her clients that experience and help them maintain those changes in their daily lives. 

Alex received her NASM Personal Trainer Certification this past year while working as manager at Cheetah Gym Andersonville. She was a collegiate athlete named on the All-American Team, Player of the Year for her conference and presented the National Tournament Hustle Award. She has coached multiple basketball teams form 5th graders to College athletes. Her philosophy is, everything that your body is composed of, whether it is muscles, bones or neurons, adapts to your life choices. Choose to grow and become the best version of you!




Jen Loboda-Nutrition Partner

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Jen is a fellow northsider who has a passion for health and our neighborhood. Jen is training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has recently opened her health coaching practice - Nutritious in the City. Her methodology includes recognizing each client's unique health concerns and that no one diet works for everyone. Jen will partner with you determine what is the best way to accomplish your health goals - while keeping it fun and not overwhelming.




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